Dynamic. Inspirational. Authentic. Passionate. Moving.

Derek Steele offers a vibrant presentation filled with hope and encouragement as he shares his dramatic story of personal transformation. Derek’s ability to motivate, inspire, and lead his audience into a vision of overcoming adversity is unforgettable. His enthusiasm inspires participants to define a mission, overcome obstacles, and re-claim their destiny as they learn to successfully pursue their purpose. Derek Steele has spoken in a variety of venues from community associations, churches, and corporations, to internationally televised programs.

Public Speaker, Author, and Entrepreneur – Derek Steele shares in his first book titled Addict at 10, how he overcame addiction, homelessness, and poverty to reach extraordinary success personally and professionally. A full-blown addict by age 10, Derek walked in a dangerous and chaotic world until that “final deal” woke him up to the reality of what his future could hold in a life of sobriety. As he struggled through the recovery process, he discovered his true gift of entrepreneurial spirit and became a multi-millionaire by the age of 35.

“Derek is a dynamic and inspiring speaker. He has a perfect blend of personal experience and genuine love for helping others. I will be forever touched by his message.”

– S. McClean, Archway Academy

Speaking Topics Include:

    Targeting youth, this powerful presentation will reveal how Derek fell into drugs & alcohol, and barely survived to reach his turning point at age 20. He explains to his audience the steps he took to overcome addiction & hardship, to turn his life around and become an entrepreneurial success. He empowers adolescents to make the right choices and create the ultimate path to success and true fulfillment.
    This inspirational delivery is impactful for any group – personal or professional. Derek describes in detail the 8 principles that he has successfully implemented to overcome adversity and become an accomplished entrepreneur. He shares with participants the 8 steps necessary to achieve balance and become successful in all aspects of their life.
    Aimed at Parents, Teachers, Youth Staff, Family Members, and anyone connected with youth…Derek will present an eye-opening message, sharing his insight and experience, leaving you with current data and terminology so that you feel confident and in control. You will be informed about the latest teen trends, awakened with signs of what to watch for, and encouraged with tips for preventing issues before they arise.
    In this touching story, Derek Steele re-lives his journey from addiction, homelessness, and poverty, to the moment he committed to a dramatic transformation. He delivers an inspirational message describing how he found God’s grace and started living a life with purpose. Derek passionately shares his story with Church Congregations, Treatment Centers, National Associations, and more, encouraging his audience to overcome adversity, and Live a Transformed Life.

“Derek shares a story of hope, adversity, and transformation for anyone who struggles with overcoming difficulty. As an inspirational speaker, Derek connects with his audience in a personal and powerful way that everyone can relate to.”

– G. Youngblood, Teen & Family Services

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