Addict at 10 b_g_arrow_black
How I overcame Addiction, Poverty, and Homlessness to Become a Millionaire by 35
by Derek Steele
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Derek Steele, suffering from parental neglect and abuse, was eight when he got drunk for the first time. His story goes downhill fast from there: he was addicted to pot by age 10, dealing drugs by 14, hooked on meth and crack cocaine by 16, arrested for felony forgery by 19, unemployed and living out of a car at 20. Then, after a moment of clarity – and with aid from God, mentors and twelve step programs — he turned his life around just as dramatically. By 35, he was a multi-millionaire, happily married, with two beautiful children.

His inspiring story, told fully in Addict at 10, serves as a model for others seeking to overcome the pains of the past in order to find joy and fulfillment in the present and future. The book also educates readers about addiction; the road to recovery; and the importance of God, twelve step programs, therapy, and service to others.