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This week’s principle is resourcefulness. Many people feel they cannot accomplish certain goals in their life because of their limited resources. Time, money, education, these are all resources that many feel are their limitations. Resourcefulness is an attitude that anything is possible because instead of focusing on our limited resources we focus on being resourceful and creating or finding the resources needed to acheive our goals.

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This weeks principle of success is “action.” What I mean by action is hard work. Any great undertaking in life is going to require an enormous amount of work, at least that’s been true in my life. Malcolm Gladwell’s book “The Outliers” talks about the 10,000 hour rule. In this chapter he studies many of the greatest figures in history and he determines that all of them spent at least 10,000 hours perfecting their craft in order to become the best in their field. He disputes the idea that someone is “a natural. ” He believes it’s through extrmely hard work and vast amounts of time that someone rises to the top of their field. I must say I agree. How many hours have you invested in perfecting your craft?

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Due to my crazy busy trip in LA last week I was unable to post to my blog. I hope those of you that view this blog are also facebook fans of “Addict at 10″ which is where I post regular updates about what’s going on with me and the book. This week the blog is about commitment. In order to acheive any lofty goal we must be able to stay committed when the going gets tough and when we are full of fear and doubt. Any great challenge that I have overcome has required that I mantain a “no matter what” attitude towards succeeding in my goal. Watch the video for more about this topic.

Principle 4- Commitment from Derek Steele on Vimeo.

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