Derek Steele was eight when he got drunk for the first time. His parents thought it was funny. By the age of ten, coping with abuse and neglect, he was addicted to pot. He began dealing drugs in junior high, and by 16 he was also hooked on meth and crack cocaine. He dropped out of high school, landed briefly behind bars and by 20 was homeless, unemployed and hiding from a violent dealer he’d swindled.

Then, during what he thought would be the biggest drug deal of his life, Derek had a moment of clarity. He vowed to change. With the help of God, mentors and a twelve step program, he conquered his addictions, came to terms with his parents’ neglect, and began a new life.

Now Derek, who’s founded several companies, is a highly successful businessman and a loving husband and father. Since achieving financial freedom with the sale of his third enterprise in 2007, he’s pursuing his life mission – sharing his experience, strength and hope as a speaker and author.

Derek hopes Addict at Ten will help readers understand how to keep pains of the past from impeding fulfillment in the present and future. He also hopes to educate people about addiction; the road to recovery; and the importance of God, twelve step programs, therapy, and service to others.

Derek is a volunteer for Covenant House and a board member of Teen and Family Services. He lives in Missouri City, Texas, with his wife Becky and their two children.

Derek’s Breakthroughs

  • 1993. His “moment of clarity” came at age 20. That year he also found God and was saved.

  • 1994. Became a partner in Houston Roofing Corporation, a residential roofing company serving clientele with storm-damaged homes. The company had revenue of more than $1 million by the end of its first year.

  • 1995. Founded Steele Contracting, a residential construction company serving clientele with storm-damaged homes across the U.S. The company had revenue of more than $1 million per year.

  • 1997. Co-founded the web-based software development company Portaris, which had 50 developers and revenue of more than $5 million within three years.

  • 1999. Married his wife, Becky. They have two children.

  • 2000. Re-entered the disaster reconstruction business, co-founding Hamilton-Steele Construction.

  • 2002. Co-founded the spin-off Hamilton-Steele Outdoor Accents. With more than 110 employees, the award-winning company became one of Houston’s largest landscape design, building and maintenance firms.

  • 2007. Marketed and sold Hamilton-Steele Outdoor Accents, achieving his financial goal of becoming a multi-millionaire by age 35.

  • 2009. Founded Success Resources, a company whose mission is to serve others and impact the community in a positive way.