Sharing his experience, strength and hope with others in an effort to make change and inspire growth.

Derek Steele is a dynamic speaker and author whose story offers a powerful lesson in overcoming addiction and finding fulfillment. A highly successful entrepreneur and family man, he came to the American dream the hard way — by surviving a nightmarish youth. When most people his age were looking forward to college and careers, Derek was spiraling through a violent underworld of drugs, alcohol and homelessness. “A million guys who were like me are now dead or in prison,” he says. Recovering from his addictions and building a life that many aspire to, he found true purpose in faith and service.


Dereks’s inspiring story, told fully in Addict at 10, serves as a model for others seeking to overcome the pains of the past in order to find joy and fulfillment in the present and future. The book also educates readers about addiction; the road to recovery; and the importance of God, twelve step programs, therapy, and service to others.

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How I Overcame Addiction, Poverty and Homelessness to Become a Millionaire by 35 by Derek Steele

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